A transformative approach exists that can be made widely available in Australia to support the mental health of people and families. It’s called Open Dialogue.

Open Dialogue and the Centre

Open Dialogue is a person-centred approach that supports people across the
spectrum of mild to severe experiences of crisis or mental ill-health. It is being
adopted around the world with positive results. (button video on ODC)

The Centre partners with organisations and communities who are working in
mental health services and early intervention settings to achieve better outcomes
for people and families by training and implementing Open Dialogue. We provide
the supervision and support needed to create an Open Dialogue approach that
meets the needs of diverse communities in Australia.

The opportunity to adapt how we approach mental health care is core to how
the Open Dialogue Centre is partnering with funders, services, schools and
other organisations. Open Dialogue can support any health system, practice,
school or organisation.

In collaboration we will enable the quality and practice of Open Dialogue to
grow in Australia, with input from those with lived experience so that people
and families can experience better health outcomes.

Supporting the change needed in Australia

The increasing strain on Australia’s mental health system means that people are struggling to access the support they need and trust, at the right point in time. The role of family and friends in supporting those who experience mental health challenges is often not valued within the Australian mental health system. We need new solutions that involve social networks, lived expereince and relationships – in a truly person centred way.

You can be part of the change.

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