Changing the way mental health care is delivered in Australia

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How are we creating change?

The Open Dialogue Centre creates the opportunity for organisations and communities to collaborate with individuals, families and experts to improve experiences of mental wellbeing. We support services in becoming more person-centred, family inclusive and holistic.

Training and Education


We offer a series of Open Dialogue training options, specifically tailored to the needs of organisations.

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Implementation and Co-design


We partner with organisations to co-design, embed and support the implementation of Open Dialogue.

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Impact and Research


We develop the evidence base for Open Dialogue to enable professionals and teams to demonstrate the effectiveness of new approaches.

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Why is change important

It is estimated that nearly 50% of Australians will experience mental health challenges at some point in their lives. For many, contact with the current mental health system can be disruptive, confrontational, and even traumatising.

The role of family and friends in supporting those who experience mental health challenges is often not valued within the Australian mental health system. We believe that to achieve the best outcomes, services need to collaborate with the person at the centre, and their support network.

Join us and align with a new movement in mental health

Who are we?

Our Founders

The Open Dialogue Centre is a joint venture between GrantFamily Philanthropy and Relationships Australia NSW. The two founders aim to drive widespread adoption of the Open Dialogue model and other innovative programs and systems.

The Grant family has experienced the effects of mental illness, as have many others. This experience has stimulated our interest in addressing gaps in the Australian mental health system. We have done this for over a decade by supporting innovative and collaborative models of mental healthcare that involve families and trusted others in person-centered care and recovery.

Relationships Australia NSW believes good quality relationships are fundamental to mental health and wellbeing. Core to our work is an approach that puts relationships at the centre; knowing that any individual that seeks our support is impacted by the people that shape their lives. We are excited to partner with the Open Dialogue Centre and see this person-centred, family and community oriented approach flourish in Australia.

In Collaboration with

Our Partners

Videos from the Open Dialogue Centre Launch

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The full recording of the Sydney Open Dialogue Centre launch

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Highlights from the International Study Tour

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Guest speaker Christine Morgan, CEO of the National Mental Health Commission

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