Monday, 23 October

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Open Dialogue: Shepparton Workshop

Date and Time
Monday 23rd October 2023 10:00AM – 4:00PM

Conference Room 2
       University of Melbourne
       Department of Rural Health
       49 Graham St Shepparton
       Conference Room 2

About this event

Originally founded in Finland during the 1980s, Open Dialogue is a profoundly person-centric approach to mental healthcare, anchored in the principle of ‘nothing about me without me.’ With a focus on placing individuals at the forefront of decisions concerning their own mental health journey, Open Dialogue has been making waves on the global stage.

Open Dialogue has been gradually making its way into Australia over the past decade. Even in this relatively brief time frame, Australia has already emerged as a pioneering force in recognizing the significance of Open Dialogue in the fields of prevention and early intervention.

While Open Dialogue has achieved remarkable success across diverse settings, its principles and social network perspective have found particularly effective reception in environments involving schools and youth organizations. Open Dialogue’s ability to nurture open conversations within a supportive atmosphere can equip individuals with enduring support frameworks and essential interpersonal skills that last a lifetime.

Supported by Goulburn Valley Health and Shepparton Foyer, our team will provide an introduction to the core theoretical principles of Open Dialogue, highlighting the real-world benefits observed both globally and within Australia.

We welcome anyone from the Shepparton community that is eager to delve deeper into the world of Open Dialogue – whether it be those with lived experience, or professionals working across a range of settings that support mental health and well-being (such as mental health services, schools, and not-for-profits).

This event will be catered, so please make sure you’ve secured your spot by registering.

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Registrations are now closed.


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